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No matter where you stand in your triathlon career, your triathlon training program will make or break your performance. Taking your time to choose the right program is of utmost importance.

Through our long experience working with triathletes of all levels and ages, we’ve come to realize how problematic this step can be, especially if you don’t have access to a skilled coach in your area. So, we decided to make the opportunity available for athletes and aspiring athletes all over the world to take advantage of Endurance Team’s experience and cutting edge advantage over the competition.

Our online triathlon coaching programs have produced multiple triathlon age group national and world champions like:

  • Amos Gollach – Ironman Age Group World Champion
  • Pete Breadsell – Ironman UK Age Group Winner / Hawaiian Ironman Triathlete
  • Jenny Hart – Ironman Age Group Medallist and Hawaiian Ironman
Our online programming has two components:

  • Hands-on ongoing triathlon coaching with direct access to one of our skilled triathlon coaches.
  • Detailed triathlon training plans you can access for a one-time payment.

Jarrod Evans, the man behind all our online training plans

All our programs are written by Jarrod Evans, exclusively. Jarrod is one of Australia’s absolutely top triathlon coaches. He has produced over 14 age group world champions, the latest one being Amos Gollach at the Hawai Ironman 2013.

He works within the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) and the Australian Institute of Sport – Triathlon Programs (AIS). So, his programs are not based merely on observation and experience, but alse on cutting edge science. This ensures that you have the edge top triatlon champions have.

Jarrod yields a level 3 High Performance Qualification and has been nominated this year for Australian Triathlon Coach of The Year along with 4 others and won the first place!

Available Online Training Plans

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Available Online Coaching Programs

Endurance Team makes a variety of online triathlon programs available for your to choose from.

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