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Proven Triathlon Training Programs & Triathlon Coaching

Enduranceteam is the leading triathlon training and coaching club in Australia with outstanding results in all distances that back up our expertise and dedication to excellence. Under the guidance of Director & Performance Advisor, Jarrod Evans, our athletes have been able to achieve world class results in Australia and all over the world.

Enduranceteam in a Nutshell

Triathlon Training
We offer triathlon training in groups under the direct supervision of our coaches. The groups are distributed to accommodate the different levels and aspirations. Learn more…
Triathlon Coaching
We offer individual triathlon coaching programs and work with you closely and intensely to achieve your goals. Online coaching is also possible. Get in touch with us to learn more.
Triathlon Training Programs
Different triathlon training programs online are made available for those who want to benefit from our expertise without having to move to Geelong Australia. Learn more…

The Mind Behind EnduranceTeam

EnduranceTeam Head CoachAll direction and operations undertaken at Enduranceteam are either engineered or supervised by Jarrod Evans, Director and one of the worlds top triathlon coaches.

Since 1996, Jarrod Evans and his team have produced over 35 Australian Champions and over 20 World Champions and in 2013 Jarrod was awarded the Triathlon Australia Coach of The Year as recognition of these performances.  Endurancteam strives for excellence on all levels and our training programs are a powerful tool to achieve just that.

Purchaseable online triathlon training programs for age group and elite athletes are available for athletes looking for ‘do it yourself’ options.

A Wholistic Approach to Triathlon Training

At Enduranceteam, every effort is made to provide the athlete with a ‘gold standard’ service. That means:

  • State-of-the-art measurement and perscription technology – Determining your body’s limits and capabilities is the first step to engineer a triathlon training program that will drive you to surpass your limits while avoiding injuries and over-training. We use the latest technology to assess your bio-mechanical strengths and weaknesses and then design a program from a full lifestyle and performance assessment.
  • Some of the best triathlon coaches in Australia – Our triathlon coaches are selected based on their technical knowledge with bio-mechanics and programming, race experience and adaptability to work with all levels of athlete.  Only the best triathlon coaches make it into our team under the direct supervision of Jarrod Evans, Level 3 Elite Triathlon Coach.
  • Intensive triathlon training camps – This is where quantum leaps are achieved. EnduranceTeam organizes regular triathlon training camps where you get to immerse yourself in a unique training environment favouring quick growth under the supervision of our experiences coaches.  Camps are level specific and are run in both technical capacities and endurance preparation blocks.
  • Individual triathlon coaching – In addition to our local triathlon groups in Geelong, online triathlon coaching is available for the individual.  This is our area of expertise.  Use our state of the art programming and tracking system to track your progress with daily feedback and we provide you with the necessary guidance and motivation to keep defying your limits.
  • Athlete sponsorship and support programs – If you have what it takes to go pro and can prove it on the field, then we will support you to fully concentrate on chasing the world class level.

Our Online Triathlon Training Programs

EnduranceTeam offers a variety of programs online for all levels including:

  • Ironman triathlon training
  • Half ironman training
  • Olympic distance triathlon training
  • Sprint triathlon training
  • Beginner triathlon training
  • Professional athletes programs
  • Swimming, Running, Biking and Adventure racing

Get in touch with us today for a customized triathlon training program